The Shimano STePS with Di2 and Alfine 8 received a firmware update this year, which enabled automatic shifting (it was not automatic before).

Does anybody know if Alfine 11 models will receive any firmware updates to switch automatically?

This FAQ from Shimano only mentions the Alfine 8. http://shimano-steps.com/e-bikes/europe/en/service

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    Maybe email Shimano?
    – Batman
    May 9 '16 at 8:18
  • I was not able to find any contact e-mail at the Shimano website ... I tried to ask bike builders, but nobody knows yet. It was also by accident that one bike shop mentioned that if we go for the Alfine 11, there is no automatic shifting in the Di2. :-(
    – olee22
    May 9 '16 at 10:34

I got one answer from Shimano via Facebook (July 2017), but this is NOT CORRECT. https://www.facebook.com/ShimanoEbike/

"Hi, Do you know if the Shimano Alfine 11 has automatic shiftin possibilities with the STEPS systems? I to ask in many local shops, but they didn't know, I asked bike builders, but they didn't know. They only have bikes with Alfine 8, for which the automatic shifting works. I've looked into forums, checked your Shimano websites back and forth, but I didn't find any information. I would be considering to buy a new bike with Steps and Alfine 11, if it has automatic shifting. If not, I would stay with Alfine 8. However, in our hilly city, Brussels, the Alfine 8 often feels not enough in range. Thank you and kind regards,"

"Thanks for contacting. Shimano Alfine 11 speed hub is available with Shimano STEPS, but Alfine 8 isn't. Unfortunately automatic shifting is also not available yet in combination with STEPS. We can't guarantee this will be in the near future. Kind regards, Team Shimano"

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