I've got a set of Sun Rhynolyte rims and in the features it says they have a triple-hollow construction. What does that mean?


When a rim is extruded, the shape of the material can give added strength to the rim.

There are many rim types, but the two most common are single-walled and double walled. A single walled rim uses a simple U shaped extrusion. A double-walled rim adds a cross brace across that U shape, creating a D-shaped extrusion.

Triple hollow construction add extra cross-bracing to that D shape, resulting in more than one hollow area in the extrusion. It is supposed to add strength to the rim. Compare for example the following image from Sheldon Brown:


Thus the name.

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    Here is an image of the three "hollows" in the rim. It might not be your exact rim, but it's the same concept. – JPhi1618 May 9 '16 at 14:21

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