I'm starting to plan a weeklong trip in July in Northen New York/Central Vermont. I want to find a place where I could establish a basecamp: set up my tent and leave my car, and then bicycle different 50-ish mile loops every day. Maybe mix it up a little with a good day hike as well.

I've never been to this area before, so I'm a little unsure of good options. So far the following areas look appealing:

If anyone knows of 'must see' or 'must avoid' areas, I'd really appreciate a heads up!


It's not central Vermont but I can vouch for the routes in this PDF in the Northeast Kingdom. I did a modified version of the "Around the Block" ride and threw in some of the many gravel roads in the region (and across Vermont) that make for superb touring routes.

  • that's a bit further east than I was thinking, but it looks super helpful. I may have to stray a bit further east. Thanks! – dsummersl Jun 7 '16 at 17:33

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