Hello everyone I bought a lotus 2000r and am currently converting it into a single speed.

(Generic photo of a lotus 2000r from google images) enter image description here

I wanted to know if I can put this wheel from Amazon

enter image description here https://www.amazon.com/Wheel-Rear-1-1-Silver-Bolt/dp/B000AO3GK2

Then use a cog like this enter image description here

http://www.jensonusa.com/Shimano-DX-Single-Speed-Freewheel on that wheel. Thanks for the help.


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You should get away with the new freewheel by itself, simply take the freewheel off the current wheel and fit that.

You will need a chain tool to shorten your chain, and depending on the dropouts you may need a chain tensioner, or you might be lucky.

Note that while you don't need new chainrings, you won't be able to shift front gear without either a chain tensioning arm, or leaving the rear derailleur in place, to take up the slack.


You will definitely have to adjust the chainline regarding...

  • crank arm, front sprocket position on axis
  • rear hub in rear wheel: It should be centered. True it via spokes and/or insert new spokes.
    • if not (enough), you can level the sprocket w/ spacers
    • always check the centering: rim in frame. You might need spacers for the rear hub (in frame) as well.

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