I need to replace both wheels on my Giant Escape 3 (2016) which ones (700) are compatable?

  • In general you need to match rim diameter, braking type (disk or rim), hub lengths, type of cluster/freewheel attachment. Rim width need not be an exact match but needs to be compatible with brakes (if rim type) and whatever tires you plan to use. Spoke count and arrangement need not match, so long as it's consistent with your planned riding. Aug 21, 2016 at 18:29
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  • Why can't you get the same size (width/diameter/depth) wheels you have now? What happened to make both wheels need replacing?
    – Criggie
    Aug 22, 2016 at 1:46

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Giant may vary the spec in other markets, but I found this listing:


The rim width isn't listed, but with 32mm tyres, Sheldon suggests 15-19mm.

The gearing on the stock wheel is a 7-speed screw-on freewheel, but getting a wheel with a freehub and a 7-speed cassette should not cause problems.

Without disc brakes, the dropout width could be 130mm or 135mm; as this hybrid looks to be designed more like a mountainbike than a roadbike, 135mm is more likely.

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