I need a bottom bracket tool to fit a torque wrench (I think they are all 3/8" drive as standard). Wiggle sent me one but it doesn't fit. Do you know the correct torque wrench tool for this Shimano BB-R60 Ultegra 6800/105 5800 Hollowtech ii ? :


I got this Lezyne one but its too big :


Shimano supply a plastic TL-FC25 with the BB-R60 B.B but it doesn't fit the Lezyne B.B socket tool.

Park Tool have 3 B.B tools but I don't know which one. Or where I can get a cheaper one if they are expensive :




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The Park BBT-59 is the main one you'll see. (If you scroll down a little on your link to it, you'll see it says it's the one for BBR60.) A less expensive one from Lifu/Icetoolz now exists and I see it can be found on ebay if you search for "icetoolz m093." It's 1/2in drive.

  • Thanks for the answer and for the cheaper icetoolz m093 !!
    – Aindriú
    Aug 27, 2016 at 7:42

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