This is my fork and I want to open the suspension legs, inspect them, then reassemble, but I don't see how to get in there. Any suggestions on what tools and procedure to use?

Is this user-serviceable at all?

The bike is a Genesis GS29.

Related questions:

What method of damping are they using .. is this springs only?

Do I have damping for both compression and rebound?

Would I have to take care to prevent springs from flying off while disassembling?

Would I need a special tool to compress springs during reassembly?


Suspension fork bottoms

Suspension fork crown

Suspension fork crown open

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    Its a BSO. I wouldn't sink too much time or parts into it.
    – Batman
    Commented Aug 27, 2016 at 3:45
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    With the ewear and tear that forks looks to have had you may be better just getting another cheap replacement, may be able to find a cheap SR Suntour or RST for a reasonable price in the classifieds or craiglist. If i had to guess it's probably a spring only fork and is not serviceable as others have said. You could spray a liberal amount of lubricant down into the legs and compress them repeatedly. This may or may not help it function a little better.
    – Nate W
    Commented Aug 29, 2016 at 16:45

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To expand on Batman's comment, its a BSO because its from walmart and built down to a price from low grade components.

So, the forks will not be user-serviceable. They won't be serviceable at all even by a shop, and the only way to adjust them is to change them completely.

How do we know its a BSO? Because the specs say things like

  • "Tyres, 29 inch" without mention of width/height
  • "Front/Rear Derailler - Shimano" <-- there's a massive range.
  • "Available at walmart.com" That's a pretty damning indictment right there.

Its a fine bike for tootling about, but don't sink any money into upgrading it, other than the normal replacement-wear parts like chain, cassette, and brake pads. If you're interested in riding more and better, save your money toward a better bike.

Answer because its too long for a comment.

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