Saw two different tires. One marked 700c 38mm 40 622 measured 1.25 " wide.Other tire ,same markings but with addition of marking, one and five eighths x one and a half,measured 1.5" wide. If both 38mm wide why quarter inch difference in width?

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    Tire manufacturers play it a bit fast and loose with tire widths. The stated width is when mounted on a rim of "nominal" width which they select, and a different rim width will result in a different measured tire width. You'll notice that the first tire is stated to be 38mm wide, then 40mm wide (the ISO width), but measured 32mm (the 1.25" width), presumably because it was mounted on a very narrow rim. This is one area that has not been very well standardized. Sep 9, 2016 at 19:18
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Tire sizing can be very confusing. The late, great Sheldon Brown has written a web page that does a magnificent job of answering your question.

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