I came across a North Woods "6 Speed" tandem at a yard sale, and am trying to track down its provenance:

North Woods 6 Speed Tandem

Unfortunately, the closest I've come across is Northwoods bicycles (no space), which are sold at Wal Mart.

Is North Woods different from Northwoods? Is there any name for this tandem apart from "6 Speed"?

  • I'd guess its the same company as sold at walmart, but the tandem being a bit older than the one they're currently selling.
    – Batman
    Sep 11, 2016 at 21:31
  • 1
    The pedals are out of sync.
    – andy256
    Sep 12, 2016 at 1:08

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For what it's worth I picked up a NORTHWOODS SAFARI on Craigslist about 2 months ago. Mine is also a 3x6. It has a sticker from "Scotts Cyclery" of Willimantic,Conn. The sticker is not the typical square type that is on the seattube. This one runs along both seat stays. A clue that it may have been a low end bike is that it says "quality bicycle" on the headtube badge and was made in Indonesia. I would do a little preemptive maintenance. Most lowend bikes I have worked on seem to have little if any grease in the bottom bracket, headset or wheel bearings. Just use it and enjoy it.

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