I am looking at ways to deal with jeans aging prematurely due to saddle rub. While I could change clothing (not nessarily an option), as suggested in an older thread, I am wondering if there is such a thing as shorts to put over jeans than can quickly be removed. If not, has anyone experimented to see if this would help diminish the issue?

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    Not a solution for most and because of that a comment only: Change to a different kind of bike, since I ride a recumbent I do not have the jeans damage anymore.
    – Willeke
    Oct 2, 2016 at 10:18

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You could switch to a saddle that isn't as abrasive. That's one of the reasons people like leather saddles such as Brookes -- even if they're more expensive and heavier than plastic wonders. The leather saddles also breathe and wick moisture and I've found that wet cloth abrades much faster than dry cloth.

Brookes leather saddle

There are also neoprene saddle covers which might reduce friction by allowing more slippage, but I've always found the squishy movement they cause to be more uncomfortable than comfortable. Generic saddle cover

ps. Many cyclists consider saddle worn clothing to be a mark of pride.


You could easily throw a pair of shorts on over your jeans. It would look silly, but it'd get the job done.

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