like i said i have a 27.5 inch by either 2.2 or 2.0 (rather 2.0 but i'm not 100% sure) width and there aren't many tires with size 2.0 in shops at my place. Probably will go with a different width and i want to Ask is that fine. For ex. 2.2 inches. Will that fit fine? I want to go tubeless too. Which tyre will be good for dry terrain and asphalt under 40€?

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    – Móż
    Oct 4, 2016 at 22:43

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We don't recommend specific products here but you should have no issue as long as you don't try to make a huge jump in size and so as long as your frame has enough clearance. Changing between 2.00 and 2.20 should be fine going either direction (assuming tire clearance is not an issue).

The switch to tubeless is another task but also not too difficult but will involve setting the existing rim up for it with tape and sealant.

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