I have an old race bicycle and the front wheel got flat (hole somewhere)

it has the following tires:

28 / 32 - 630 (27 X 1 1/4) HS 159

I bought twice of these:

2 x Schwalbe Marathon GreenGuard Draht Reflex Reifen 27 x 1 1/4 | 32-630

And also a pair of these:

Schlauch Schwalbe SV 15, 27/28x3/4-1 1/8" 18/28-622/630, SV40mm

Looking carefully on the package, it doesn't list 28-630.. the closest is 28-622 or 25-630..

I'd like to know if the tubes are suitable for the tires, because they looks something shorter:

enter image description here

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    as long as the ISO (630) matches you should be good, the other number is the width size. Don't try and use a tube listed as 25 x 622 though as it is too small. You want the ISO to match. 622 is the ISO for a 29er or 700C tire 27" wheels are actually marginally bigger that a 29er. crazy i know. On a personal level i also find the way Schwalbe lists sizings confusing but thats the american in me lol
    – Nate W
    Nov 2, 2016 at 15:11
  • Either one will work. A 27-inch tube is a 27-inch tube, so long as the width isn't too far off. But the second tube you have is a little small, width-wise. It would likely work but would be a bit more stressed -- I wouldn't hesitate to use it if it's all you have, but if you have a choice use the wider tube. Nov 2, 2016 at 16:42
  • Yeah, I think I'll return them
    – elect
    Nov 2, 2016 at 19:09

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Tubes are quite forgiving, you should get away with it without much trouble. I've seen a 24" tube survive on a 26" wheel.

Don't worry about the listed sizes, you've got an unusual wheel diameter and can't necessarily expect all tyres widths to make it onto the list. But the tube will be quite stretched (1 1/8 being smaller than 1 1/4 or 28<32) so you may be marginally more likely to get a puncture than you would with a tube of the right cross section. Probably not enough that you'd notice on the tyres you've bought though. You might have to fiddle about a bit mounting the tube and tyre, perhaps inflating it into the tyre to get everything on the rim without pinching the tube.


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