Rookie question, apologies in advance.

I have a Saracen Mantra hardtail with Araya DM-27.5 Black 32 hole Rims. I currently have Schwalbe Rapid Rob tires on both front and back. The tires are very bad and I am constantly getting punctures.

I'm looking at upgrading the tires to a combination of Schwalbe Hans Dampf / Magic Mary. My question is - Should I upgrade to tubeless tires and if so is it possible with my current rims?

Note - Currently hitting singletracks, looking to take on some more advanced downhill tracks and bike parks. Currently cant afford a full sus bike so making the most of the hardtail.

Any advice is helpful as my knowledge of bikes is still improving.

Thanks in advance.

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A quick google search for that rim suggests they aren't marketed as being tubeless ready (normally, this is a point of advertisement for a manufacturer). So, you're stuck with running tubes unless you try a Stan's no-tube kit (video; or similar) or ghetto tubeless (or the alternative method), but this is highly YMMV/at your own risk, and highly dependent on your rim+tire combo (not all rims and tires will work). Or get wheels which are tubeless compatible. Tubeless isn't cheap, but the advantages/disadvantages have been extolled extensively elsewhere on this SE and on the internet.

As for punctures, you can make sure your tires are properly inflated, buy thicker/tougher inner tubes (thin tubes you buy may be under 1 mm thick; thicker tubes may be 4 mm or more, for thorn-proof tubes), run a sealant like Slime, and pick a tougher tire.

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    Thanks for the reply. I did google pre to posting the question, however, I couldn't find much on it. I'll check out your links and see if any of your suggestions fit the bill. Thanks again.
    – BLS93
    Commented Jan 29, 2017 at 16:55

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