Are there Overshoes designed to last on Platform Pedals with pins? How long would a "normal" overshoe last on platform pedals before it shreds?

Sofar I've been doing fine with some plastic and scotch tape but the appearance is atrocious.

  • The free shower caps you get at hotels are the preferred shoe cover for cheapskates. :) – RoboKaren Jan 30 '17 at 17:56

You're right that most cycling shoe covers are made for clipless and only have a small cutout for the cleat. They'd get shredded by walking too much or using platform pedals. You could use hiking gaiters instead.

Alternatively, these delightful DIY shoe covers are open on the bottom, waterproof, and made with things found around the house.

enter image description here

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When riding in a torrential downpour, my rain setup is gumboots on the feet.

For pants I wear some yellow PVC plastic overtrousers that go over the gumboots.

Above that is a plastic jacket with long sleeves to cover the hands/gloves.

The head and face is most exposed - a helmet on top doesn't do much because of vents, so I throw a cheap showercap on top.

For the back of the neck I wear a buff ( a hollow cloth tube) and it just gets wet.

I wish I had a visor for my helmet - that would help protect the glasses.

Main problem of all this is that it doesn't breathe very well, so I get to work wet inside from sweating if I ride too fast.

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  • Thanks for the answer but please consider Velominati rule #5 – AzulShiva Nov 8 '17 at 18:07
  • @AzulShiva yeah - but commuting to work, I want to get there moderately presentable. Totally different on a race or similar. – Criggie Nov 9 '17 at 7:55

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