Most concerned about compatibility of bottom bracket/crank area. Not sure of model and year, any ideas? Some specs...1020 tubes,forks and stays, weinmann 610/vanqueur 999 brakes, SR headset,suntour derailleaurs....obviously some rebuilding done, but does say something about compatibility issues. Thanks!!! Blueskynolimit

ps can someone tell me how to "attach" photos?

  • PHOTOS Take a photo and get it to your computer. Hit the edit link straight below your question. Then use the 6th button from the left (icon of two mountain peaks in a box with a sun or moon above) Follow the wizard and it should help. As a low-rep user you can add up to two photos, and each should be under 2 megabytes in size. – Criggie Mar 23 '17 at 7:31

Old Motobecanes are all over the place with BB threads. There are large numbers of them each with French, ISO/English, and Swiss. (Swiss may seem odd, but the deal with it is that it's the same 35x1 thread as French but with a left-threaded drive side cup, to prevent loosening. So it's kind of a natural progression from French, although I don't know the exact history with Motobecane using it.) Many but not all BBs have their thread type inscribed on the outside of the cup. I'm sure there's also a heavy correlation with where in the world the bike was originally sold - i.e. if it was for the domestic market it's probably not ISO.

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