scratched frame

No physical damage, if i press into it nor while riding.

I did wipe the surface to get rid of dirt and paint chip. Attached also a video to demonstrate the scratch. Should i put epoxy or tape or nail polish on it?

Youtube Link

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There doesn't appear to be any cracking, and its hard to tell from the photo/video, but it also doesn't seem that deep, so that rules out the need for epoxy for either bonding or to act as a filler.

I'd start with nail polish - i've had fairly good results with it although not on such a large area.

Tape as a last resort as its ugly.

  • ok i did the nail polish and seems to work, 3 layers then sanding it in fine grit, and then put black electric tape and seems fine
    – nolawi
    Commented Mar 31, 2017 at 18:20

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