new tube that I got

My tire says: 700x40c 40-622 , is the tube in the picture a perfect fit?

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    One might note that the tube lists a width range from 40 to 62, with your tire on the extreme end of that range. You could try to find a different brand/style that places your tire in the middle of it's width range, but that's being a bit obsessive. – Daniel R Hicks Apr 21 '17 at 11:28
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    As Daniel R Hicks said, there are better fits. For example Schwalbe’s No. 17 instead of your No. 19. The No. 17 is from 28-622 to 47-622 and weighs 150g instead of 220g. – Michael Apr 21 '17 at 13:40

Assuming your rim is drilled out for a Presta valve, this tube should be suitable. If your rims are deep (you would know if you had them), you may need a valve extender.

If you have a rim drilled for a Schrader valve (kind on a car tire), it is not recommended (if you want to use it, you should use a valve grommet as noted in this answer) since the larger hole may allow for some damage to the tube, or better yet, buy a tube with a Schrader valve.

A Presta valve rim is 6 mm, Schrader is 8 mm.

  • Rim is drilled for presta. ThankYou for the answer :) – Roshan George Apr 21 '17 at 4:02

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