i'm considering a machine build based on MTB hydraulic lever brake and I would like to know if the lever, pushed by hand, will handle 13 bars /190 PSI ? I'm really new to this kind of measurement.

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    It may be helpful to know if you mean just the lever blade itself, or all the seals and other bits in the lever assembly, or everything in the entire lever/hose/caliper system. May 12 '17 at 14:40
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    An average adult grip strength is about 300 Newtons with top third of men at 500 N. Over an area of say, around 2 square inches (guesstimate) gives about 2-4 bar of pressure exerted by a human hand. So, my guess is that since you're going to a factor of 3x to what an strong human can produce, it might be out of the safety margin. But you could presumably build a test rig and actually test this.
    – Batman
    May 12 '17 at 15:54

asuming 300 N as average grip multiplied by a leverage ratio of 10 it is 3000 N of axial force. the piston diameter is about 10 mm so the piston effective area will be 0.785 squared mm. so the presure could be 3000 N/ .785 cm2 = 3821.7 N/cm2 equal to 5542 PSI. so it can handle almost 30 times what you need. the problem is: lack of power if you can only apply 190 PSI maybe the brakes wont work at all.

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