I have a bike with Shimano XT disc brakes, model BR M775, which have too short brake lines for my new stem. So I want to replace them with longer brake lines. But when I go shopping for brake hose, there are many different ones. Shimano LX, XT, XTR, Saint etc. I realize I have to get plain hose without banjo bolts, but can I use any of the Shimano ones? And are there any 3rd party ones worth considering?

  • Doesn't shimano has like two basic hoses, the older BH-59 (wide bore) and newer BH-90 (narrow bore)? Jun 16, 2017 at 16:48

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SI for M775 brakes

You need any BH59 hose with the right ends. The commonly seen current model kit would be BH59-JK-SS, comes in black or white and 1700mm or 2000mm.


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