I'm looking to replace the free hub on my Specialized tri-spoke rear wheel.

Can't seem to find a model number,and would love to put an 11-speed free hub. Hope for some help?

  • All I found was references to a "HED" rear axle. What size cassette is there now ?
    – Criggie
    Aug 5, 2017 at 8:44

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Depending on the hub you have in the Tri-spoke, you could just simply replace the freehub body to an 11-speed. E.g. Campagnolo makes an 11-speed freehub body shich is compatible with Shimano Hyperglide. Search for Campagnolo FH-BUU015 and you should find quite good deals on it.


This link might help you work out the compatibility options if you know the number of sprockets on the current cassette and the make: http://www.bikeradar.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=12905742

If it is Shimano you might still be in luck as I had a wheel with a 10-speed Shimano cassette that turned out to have a spacer - it was an 11-speed hub with a 10-speed cassette fitted.

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