Need help identifying this frame, year and original spec please. It's a Giant TCR carbon frame. Frame number is GH1B037. Stickers in down tube Giant 3 but that's all I can get at the moment. Any help gratefully received. Want to return it to original spec

enter image description here


Bike paint schemes are usually different for each component level and often change from year-year. I did a Google image search for 'Giant TCR Carbon' and looked through the results until I saw the exact match for the paint scheme on your bike.

It seems to be 2012 Giant TCR Advanced 3 as sold in the UK.



You will probably have trouble returning it to the exact component spec it was originally configured with as Giant used many in-house brand components (wheels, bars, post, stem in this instance; although you have the latter two) and the 2012 Shimano groupsets will not available, you will be able to outfit it with comparable level components of course.

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    You're welcome, can I get a check mark on my answer? – Argenti Apparatus Aug 9 '17 at 20:33
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    @Criggie thanks, I got lucky as I found a matching image very quickly, within a few minutes. – Argenti Apparatus Aug 10 '17 at 12:13

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