I'm trying to find out more information about this old loop frame bike I'm planning to refurbish. I haven't found any other marks that may be identifying, if there's anything else I can take a photo of that might help, please let me know. Other information is that it was bought locally in Western Australia, so it's likely that it was bought either here or somewhere in Australia.

Edit 1:
I found an identifying name on the rear hub and coaster brake lever, photos added below, I can't quite make out what it says. Also, I had a response from the WA Historic Cycle Club saying that the chain ring looks to be a Williams and it should have a date code that can be decoded here: http://www.classiclightweights.co.uk/williamsdating.html

Edit 2:
Started pulling it apart and found a stamp on the chain ring that has a "46" in the middle of text circling it "BAT.NO.10898-47" The letter at the beginning is worn, but I'm assuming it is a B. The drive side crank has the "B.T.M" stamped on it. I haven't been able to find anything useful from those. There may be another stamp, but the paint is quite thick in some parts so it's hard to tell. Images of these are below.

Edit 3:
So I've started removing the top two blue layers of paint to reveal the original paint(or what's left of it). Unfortunately, most of the likely spots for logos or names have been sanded previously.

There is a logo of some sort on the seat tube along with another dutch flag at the bottom. You can also see that there is dark green paint in the middle of the seat tube and it looks like there is a dark pink/magenta colour down the bottom. This matches with the down tube that appears to be magenta faded to dark green(possibly grey or a lighter colour in between?)

The drive side down tube has some brighter bits of paint where there was previously paint or stickers. On the non-drive side of the down tube I think I can see an "e".

I'll continue removing paint, it's quite time consuming, I'm using a hobby knife to lift off the old paint. This still isn't much to go off, but it's a lot more than before. I've also included pictures of the handlebars and stem, I tried cleaning them up a bit to see if there are any stamps, but I can't see anything. Please let me know if there is anywhere specific on the bike that I should focus on.

Edit 4:
I've made the biggest discovery by far today, I've added the picture in above all the others. On the steerer tube there is a label with what I assume is the manufacturer's name because it's a guarantee sticker. Unfortunately I can't find anything about them except that they maybe part of "The Nissan Cycle Co." You can see the label below, it says "Super Yama". Hopefully someone knows something. You can also clearly see one of the original colours, it was hidden under a crown cover.

Edit 5:
Just found another thing on the WA Historic Cycle Club site, they have a page with WA bike manufacturers logos, and I'm almost certain this is the one on the seat tube, I've added the logo down with the pictures of the seat tube.

Super Yama Guarantee Sticker

Whole bike

Identifying mark on seat tube

Identifying mark on seat clamp

Whole bike, front side

Edit 1 Images: Rear coaster brake lever Rear Hub

Edit 2 Images: Crank Chainring

Edit 3 Images:

Stem Stem

Handlebars Handlebars

Logo that appears to match - Bluebird Boans Ltd. Perth Bluebird Boans Ltd. Perth

Seat tube front logo with flash Seat tube front logo flash

Seat tube front logo no flash Seat tube front logo no flash

Seat tube non drive side Seat tube non drive side

Seat tube drive side Seat tube drive side

Down tube drive side no flash Down tube drive side no flash

Down tube drive side flash Down tube drive side flash

Down tube non drive side Down tube non drive side

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    Cottered cranks says its 1970's at latest. The front wheel hub looks like a racing bike I used to own, so probably not original front wheel. Shame there's no brakes - they're pretty handy for dating. No brake lever or mark implies it might never have had handbrakes. Is it a coaster brake?
    – Criggie
    Sep 10, 2017 at 10:18
  • 1
    The bike is from some time before 1980. How long before is hard to guess, but I would, as a thumb suck, say the 50s or 60s. Better than average quality (but nothing exotic). If the wheels are original you might be able to get some info off the hubs that will help identify it. Sep 10, 2017 at 22:59
  • 2
    This suggests a Czech origin of the Favorit brand: velobase.com/VeloBase.com/… Sep 13, 2017 at 2:21
  • 1
    Apparently, the original Favorit company closed and the name was bought and now used by the current Favorit that you have linked to. Thank you for bringing it to my attention though. There is still a connection so I have emailed them to see if they can help anyway. Sep 13, 2017 at 3:54
  • 1
    The flag on the seat tube seems to be Dutch. And the frame shape is very popular in continental Europe. I also know that some of the Dutch bikes were equipped with Favorit coaster brake. Can you take some pictures of the head tube and the stem? Some Dutch brands stamp their name there.
    – Mike
    Sep 13, 2017 at 13:48


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