I have been riding bicycles for quite a long time now, but have never done it on city roads. Instead, I have been riding a rented bike in a park which has specific bike lanes (the same size as the car lane) and doing laps (it has sealed roads).

Now I want ride for my commute, but have no experience riding on roads with other cars.

I'm going to be buying a bicycle, but have no idea where to start looking. Here are my ideal features / requirements:

  • Somewhere below $600 USD (but the cheaper the better)
  • Good for riding on city roads and in traffic
  • My commute would be about 3-4km, I don't know if that changes anything
  • Safe
  • Fairly good for riding up hills (I live in quite a hilly area)
  • Hopefully still fun to ride

Is anybody able to give me some recommendations, pointers in the right direction or specific types / features to look into?

One time I was at somewhere hiring a bike and I really liked it, I'm fairly sure that it was an Avanti Giro F1, so possibly something similar?

Thanks and sorry for my newbie question, hopefully it isn't too broad ;P

P.S. I'm male

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    At that distance, any style of bike will do. You need reliable and comfortable. Since you're buying new, finding a comfortable-to-you bike is the goal. Go to a LBS and try out some commuter bikes, which are flat-bar MTBs but with no suspension, so rigid forks. Mudguards/fenders and maybe a pannier rack for your stuff. We don't make brand recommendations. – Criggie Jan 18 '18 at 2:04
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    Yep, pretty much any bike. I'd recommend used. You don't want something excessively heavy, and with hills you should probably have a multispeed bike. If you liked that Avanti then something like that should be fine. Note that that's not a super-fancy bike, so finding an equivalent should not be difficult, even if you don't get the exact same thing. Just make sure you test ride it before you buy. – Daniel R Hicks Jan 18 '18 at 2:34
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    Don't discount the cost saving of a used bike either - If you find commuting isn't your thing then keep the bike for rides at the park to save on rental. – Criggie Jan 18 '18 at 23:30
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    This is being closed as Off Topic because its aimed at brands. SE is trying to build useful answers for the long term, so recommending a model is only relevant while its available, plus there will be regional dependency as well. If the question was more like "What features should one look for on a commuter bike?" then that would still be useful in a decade. – Criggie Jan 19 '18 at 1:39