I bought this new pump, but i think I made a mistake.

I need it for my road bikes, with presta valves. I don't understand how I connect the pump to the presta.

Is it even possible? do I need an adapter?


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It is for adjusting the suspension on a medium to high-end mountain bike (fork), hence the lack of 'Presta' option.

Since you will be returning it, to keep the shop happy and get what you really need, consider getting:

  1. A track pump with gauge and aluminium body. Look for one with a well engineered head that does Presta and Shrader valves. The easiest ones to use have a lever that you fold out to get a snug fit.

  2. For the road, carry an affordable, light mini-pump with as few movable parts as possible. The deluxe mini-pumps with dual-action, fancy gauges and other features have a tendency to rattle apart, rendering them useless when you need it.

Keep it simple is what you want with a mini-pump, it only has to get you home and you hopefully will have a proper track pump with gauge at home.


That pump does not appear to be intended for use with tires. Return it and buy an appropriate pump.

  • I feared that will be the answer :-/
    – Saariko
    Aug 3, 2011 at 16:14

Yep, it appears to be what it says (though not very clearly) -- a "shock pump", intended for pumping up shocks in bike suspensions, not for pumping up tires.

And, frankly, I've never seen a "mini" pump that could do even a halfway decent job of pumping up high pressure tires. You need a full-sized frame pump to do it reasonably well.


As stated, return the Pocket Shock since the intended function is for shocks. Look into the Topeak Race Rocket HP for a compact road pump.

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