Does anyone know if SRAM makes a 9 speed compatible shifter for dropbars? What's the best option for shifter/derailleurs for a 2x9 cross bike?

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    Why would it need to be SRAM? – ojs Mar 5 '18 at 10:30
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    If you are asking about 9 speed specifically it implies you have a 9 speed derailleur. Can you tell us what that derailleur is? – Argenti Apparatus Mar 5 '18 at 12:28

SRAM's current lowest-level groupset is Apex, which is a ten-speed setup and Rider_X says that SRAM have never made a nine-speed road groupset. Campagnolo also only seem to offer ten- and eleven-speed, so Shimano Sora is the only nine-speed in the current line-ups of the big three.

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    SRAM road started with 10 speeds. Lower speeds were only for mountain bikes or flat bar bikes. – Rider_X Mar 5 '18 at 3:44

Shimano Shifters aren't compatible with SRAM derailleurs, so you have to get a travel adapter to alter to the cable pull. Jtek Engineering makes a bunch of different travel adapters. You should contact them to see if they have a solution.

I clicked around on a few of the travel adapters, but I couldn't be sure which one would for sure solve you problem. The Shiftmate 6 looks like it might work as it says it's used for 9 speed shimano shifters with a SRAM 1:1 derailleur and a shimano/SRAM 9 speed cassette. SRAM lists a bunch of different derailleurs that use the 1:1 technology.

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