I have a Trek mountain bike. It is not new by any means.

The back wheel should not freewheel, correct?

I am having the back wheel spin freely and I question the bearings.

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  • In which direction does the wheel spin? – Carel Apr 18 '18 at 15:24
  • The bearings are there to allow the wheel to rotate easily. If rotation is stiff (and the brakes aren't on!) then the bearings may be the cause. The wheel should spin freely in one direction (the direction that moves the top of the wheel towards the front of the bike) and make the pedals spin with it when it spins the other way. Could you describe more precisely what the problem is? (Please use the "edit" link to include the information in the question). – David Richerby Apr 18 '18 at 16:01
  • I didnt think that the back wheel moved unless peddles are used this one freewheels\ – Chuck Apr 18 '18 at 16:12
  • @Chuck Please use the edit button to add a video of your problem. – jimchristie Apr 18 '18 at 16:23
  • 3
    Your description of the problem is not very clear and understandable. – Daniel R Hicks Apr 18 '18 at 18:44

The rear wheel should spin freely, either impelled by the crank and chain or free-wheeling (crank and chain not moving). The fact that the wheel spins freely indicates that the bearings are not worn.

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