Looking to replace my brake cables/outers on my CX bikes (105 brifters and TRP Spyres brakes). Both outers (front and rear) run the full length (shifter to brake) on my CAADX so there’s a lot of outer there (i.e. lots of potential for compression). Looks like I can get a decent price on some Jagwire KEB (road pro) cables/outers, but also heard that it’s hard to beat Shimano DA cables (and I can get those for even cheaper). Haven’t seen much about Shimano cables for disc brakes online but it seems like a good cable is a good cable. Has anyone tried/compared both? Any thoughts?

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  • A good cable functions better than a cheap cable. I had to buy a $15 gear inner (which was $3 on Wiggle) for time reasons. The expensive cable is half the weight and has a slippery outer coating. It shifts incredibly well, worth the 5x cost difference. – Criggie May 4 '18 at 4:47
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Only use compressionless brake housing on mechanical discs if you want them to perform well and avoid problems with bottoming the lever against the bar. Shimano brake housings, even Dura-Ace BC-9000 as far as I know, are all the conventional spiral design. I've put KEB-SL housing on many Spyres and other mechanicals and it works great.

  • Here, here... agreed. Compressionless all the way! – Rider_X May 3 '18 at 22:36

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