My bike came with Shimano Deore XT M765 hydraulic disc brakes and Shimano Deore XT M756 hydraulic levers Dual Control units.

I wonder whether the calipers from one manufacturer can be connected to the levers of another?

For example, can I connect 2018 Shimano XTR Race M9100 series calipers and rotors to Shimano XTR ST-M966/ BR-M965-F Hydraulic Disc Brake & Dual Control shifters?

Alternatively, can I connect Hope Tech 3 V4 calipers and rotors to the Shimano XTR ST-M966/ BR-M965-F Hydraulic Disc Brake & Dual Control shifter?

I want to mount this set-up on Fox Talas RL shocks.

What will be the issues of mounting these systems?


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    Welcome to bycicles.stackexchange! You are asking 3 question in one, only two of them are more closely related. It is better to split out your question about the shocks -- and make it more precise.
    – aspseka
    May 27, 2018 at 20:17

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You should have no issues with your proposed Shimano-Shimano setup. You may confirm this using the Shimano technical documents si.shimano.com.


You can't use Hope Tech 3 V4 calipers with Shimano levers because Hope brakes generally use DOT fluid, which is incompatible with Shimano's mineral oil fluid. Technically, you can connect them, but the seals might/will fail.

However, there is a Hope RX-4 SH post mount caliper which is specifically marketed as compatible with Shimano drop bar levers and uses mineral oil. It's similar to Tech 3 V4 and even uses the same pad, I see no reason why it wouldn't work just as well for MTB applications as for road/gravel/CX.


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