I have a burley kazoo trail-a-bike, which my five year-old and I are really enjoying. When not trailing my 5yo, I can easily put my Arkel pack onto the burley rack, but its attachment points don't quite fit when the kazoo is also attached. I'd like to do some bike-packing with my 5yo and thus need to attach panniers while he's on the back.

So I was wondering if there are any Kazoo riders out there who have found a decent bag that fits around the Kazoo's attachment point? Is this even an ok idea? Are there other suggestions for how else I might carry gear and a tail-a-bike?

  • You could possibly use a rack designed for a 20" wheel folding bike on the Kazoo, and put panniers on that. You would need to fiddle around with P-clips because the frame doesn't have rack mounts, but at least a 5yo's feet won't need as much clearance as an adults - on the other hand the saddle would be much lower than an adult on a folding bike. (When I had a trailerbike, it was seatpost mounting, so I could use panniers, but that does have disadvantages. The old Islabike rack mounts left the side rails free - hembrow.eu/personal/trailerbikes.html) – armb Jun 20 at 15:22

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