Does the bottom bracket on Surly Pugsley need to be replaced with a like for like surly part (100mm external bottom bracket) or will any 100mm external bottom bracket be compatible..?

The surly part is quite expensive compared to some other brands, but I can't be certain that they are compatible with the Surly O.D. crank.

First time doing this job, apologise for any ignorance.

Appreciate any insight.

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Surly O.D cranks have a standard (for threaded external BB bearings) 24mm spindle diameter, and the outboard bearing units seem to be standard width (unlike the extra wide Surly Moonlander specific variant. I think you are safe with a non Surly 100mm BB.


The updated (orange) Pugsley uses Race Face bottom bracket compatible with AEfect cranks. I am not sure which exact model is used.

The legacy (green) Pugsley uses SRAM GXP bottom bracket compatible with the SRAM GXP crankset, which is 24mm on the right side but 22mm on the left side.

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