I have post mount TRP Spyre calipers, how can I upgrade to flat mount Ultegra calipers? are there adapters available? I've only seen adapters for flat to post.


I think there are no adapters on the market to use flat-mount calipers on a post mount fork, so your options are:

  • Get a flat mount fork and Ultegra caliper you want. I actually did that, the additional price will depend on new/secondhand and no-name/open mold/brand name factors.
  • Get any post mount Shimano hydraulic caliper, those are all compatible. There's no actual Ultegra post mount calipers, but prior to R8000, Shimano made a non-group, Ultegra-level ST-RS685/BR-RS785 shifters/calipers, so you might use a BR-RS785 or slightly older BR-R785 (actually an XT).
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  • BR-RS785 has a straight hose connection while BR-R785 has the banjo. So go with BR-RS785, or Deore BR-M6000. Both are directly compatible with OP's other parts. – John Zwinck Aug 26 '18 at 5:11
  • Yeah, but the banjo connector doesn't matter much unless there's a tight clearance. Just a matter of what hose to get. – Klaster_1 Aug 26 '18 at 9:33

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