I want buy Stop-A-Flat tube for my tire. Tire size is 26 x 2.25

Closest airless tube what I found, has size: 26 x 2.125

Is suitable that size for my 26 x 2.25 tire ?


Amazon web pages says

Stop-a-flat tubes are "Size Specific" to a tire and care should always be taken when matching the tube to the tyre.

But then

Please note that the 1.75 sizes will fit a 1.90 standard tire.

So that's confusing. You'd really have to check with the manufacturer,

Bicycle tires vary in actual size for a nominal width specification by quite a lot, so if the solid inner tube needs to exactly fit the inside dimensions of the tire it will be difficult to get a match.

Personally, I would not use a product like this as I suspect they could negatively affect tire grip in a dangerous manner.

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