my dream is to have a tool that generates profiles like Giro D'Italia:

profile example

in which:

  • we can add text of locations;
  • we can add the maximum profile signal

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  • what's the question? You can pick up a beginner-friendly language like Python and roll out your own profile generator. – Klaster_1 Sep 26 at 7:06
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    This question should get migrated to – scai Sep 26 at 11:36
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Does do it for you?

Looks like it ties into strava.

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    I'd definitely recommend VeloViewer (in general as well as for this). There is also the option for a 2D version more similar to the one in the question available under the 3D profile tab. – Holloway Sep 26 at 11:17
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    I'm a VV user also, so many features! It's what Strava should be ... – Lamar Latrell Sep 26 at 14:38
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    VV can also examine individual Strava segments, rather than just the entire ride. For instance, the Zoncolan analysis: – altomnr Sep 26 at 17:54
  • Thank you, I've explored the VV and it's very good in making charts. Thank you! – luca76 Sep 27 at 13:40

A height profile for a past ride can be obtained from Strava:

strava screenshot

If you need a almost exact picture, with incline highlights, and selected topographic names pointed out, I think the only way to achieve that is to write a program yourself, combining data from free sources: Openstreetmap for names and open DEM data for elevation information. Elevation information can be extracted from a GPX file written by most devices, but its accuracy will be less.

  • You could do it without programming for a one-off, with some photoshop skills and manual labelling – Chris H Sep 26 at 8:53
  • Good point about GPX elevation – Swifty Sep 26 at 8:56

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