Help my identify this bike. Looks like a 3Rensho or early Specialized Allez but can't find any bikes with same features. Any info on brand/years, possibly frame size would be welcome.



  • Sun Tour Pro rear drop outs - any markings on the fork drop out or headset? What parts did it come with?
    – David D
    Feb 23 '20 at 23:32
  • Lugged steel frame with braze-ons for downtube shifters and a six(?)-speed freewheel says mid-late 1980s to me. SunTour Pro says Japanese, not Italian/English/French. Internal cable guides could be Miyata or Nishiki, as in this reddit thread: reddit.com/r/bicycling/comments/15crpv/…
    – shoover
    Feb 25 '20 at 4:49

Not a complete answer, but you can measure the frame size yourself with a measuring tape.

enter image description here

Its not exact, but you'll see to within a centimetre or so. Road frames normally came in steps of 2cm or half an inch, and sometimes came in 1cm increments for top-end bikes.

Other measurements like top tube length can be measured by starting in the middle of the butting tube.

  • That is a loverly frame - will be a nice bike when you've finished it.
    – Criggie
    Jan 9 '19 at 10:37
  • I don't think it's an Allez--I don't think Specialized used internal cables or Cinelli-style fastback seatstays on those. Although I was surprised to learn that Konno built some Allez for Specialized, and the lugwork is very similar. He did use fastback seatstays on some 3Rensho bikes.
    – Adam Rice
    Jan 9 '19 at 18:45
  • @AdamRice I have no idea what it is - this partial-answer only addresses the "how to measure the frame size" part of OP's question
    – Criggie
    Jan 10 '19 at 0:24

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