On the inside of the left crank there is a small ring. The picture shows where the ring is meant to go.

enter image description here

The ring is smooth / flat on one side. The picture shows the flat side which seems to have been rubbed silver by friction. The flat side seems to be made of metal.

enter image description

The other side has a raised ridge on the inner circumference. The raised ridge has a rubber/ plastic feel.

enter image description here

What is the correct way to install this ring?

(Please excuse the low resolution images. It's the best this phone can do.)


It's possible that I previously installed this ring the wrong way and that's perhaps why the one side is polished. The ring seems to fit best with the ridged-side towards the bearing.

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    Not an answer but logic would say: friction polished side towards bearing. – Carel Jan 9 at 19:33
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    The exploded view of an octaink crank from the Shimano Manuals and Technical documents website (si.shimano.com/#) just show a washer flat on both sides. The drawings here are not super high quality but...and a couple "Dealer's Manuals" do not reference this aspect at all. The right side should also have a washer undernealth the fixing bolt. Perhaps check the shape and direction of this one you have. – Jeff Jan 11 at 5:23

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