I have a E13 TRS, 28 holes, tubeless ready, 30 mm inner width wheelset, with SCHWALBE MAGIC MARY, 29 x 2.35, Addix Soft, front and a SCHWALBE NEW HANS DAMPF, 29 x 2.35, Addix Soft, rear. (The bike is here.) I am not sure but Is the wheelset (and frame) compatible with the same tyres in the 2.60 width version ? What could be the impacts of such a change ? Comparing on Schwalbe's website lead to less road and off-road grip and more rolling. Is this really true ? What else ?

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Per the technical specifications page for your bicycle:


70 mm is 2.75 inches, so a 2.60 tyre should fit.

Tyre sizes are notoriously imprecise, but a 2.60 should be significantly smaller than a 2.75.

You can be as certain as you can be that it will fit, especially as you're sticking with not only the same manufacturer but the same model.

The impact of a larger tyre? A "softer" ride - you'll be better able to absorb bumps and roll over smaller obstacles, at the likely cost of some precision in control and perhaps a slightly increased rolling resistance.

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