I'm looking at a bike for sale on Likessale. It seems way too good to be true, based on a Google search for prices for the same bike. Has anyone bought a bike here or can verify whether or not this is a scam?

I looked up likessale.com on WHOIS, and it appeared to be registered only a week ago. It seems fishy that there are reviews from before that.

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    I think there has been one "is this a scam" question in the history of stackoverflow where it wasn't. – ojs Jan 20 at 22:22
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    Nevertheless, I think this question and upcoming answer provides value to this community. It documents this particular instance and allows us to share information. – sehcheese Jan 20 at 22:50
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    here's the important part of the whois record in DNS. Creation Date: 2019-01-14T06:25:44Z – Criggie Jan 21 at 10:53
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    I have informed Diamondback that someone is using their portfolio to scam people. Can confirm; it's fraud. – Deven Jan 23 at 0:05
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    If they ever send you a bike please upload a photo. I'd be interested to see what 89 $ will buy you :) – fgysin Jan 31 at 8:03

I'm confident to call it a scam.

The same bike is on Amazon for $2162 to $3856 USD.


Manufacturer gives it a MSRP of $3700 USD.
To expect to pay 5% of that price is MASSIVELY suspicious.

Also notice the site lists MTB-style frame sizes (Small-15.5/Medium-17/Large-19/XL-21), where the bike is built in metric sizes (XS 50; S 52; M 54; L 56; XL 58cm)

I see the word "diamondback" never appears on the remote web site at all in text - it only appears on the bike photos which appear to be lifted from standard advertising materials.

TL;DR Yes its a scam. Send your money at your risk. If you ever do get a bike delivered, it will be an inferior knockoff product.

Just don't.


Don't give money to likesale.com.

I made a purchase on 18 January 2019 and I should've done some research before. I also wondered how they could have reviews posted from september when the site is only a week old.

I've emailed the website and even sent an email to the owner email address provided through the domain info. Haven't received any info, and will post any new info I find out.

I'm pissed and have to decided to spend some time giving this particular scam as much hell as I can.

  • The site owner doesn't have any reason to answer to email. They already have your money and this should be reported directly to police. If you paid with credit card, the credit card company too. – ojs Jan 22 at 12:25
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    Paying with any card, you should talk to your bank. – David Richerby Jan 22 at 13:20
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    Contact your bank and do a Charge back immediately. Now. Then discuss with your bank what to do about your card - immediately invalidating it would be a very good idea. – Criggie Jan 23 at 2:49
  • Fun fact: If you live in the United States, the Secret Service actually investigates fraud like this quite thoroughly. Interestingly enough, they have two jobs - protect the president (etc), and investigate fraud. – Adonalsium Jan 23 at 19:56

I also made an online purchase two weeks ago and I've not received the product or shipping information to track the delivery. I've not received replies to my emails and I don't have telephone numbers. If somebody knows what I can do, please tell me.

This post was originally made in Spanish, as follows.

Yo tambien he realizado una compra en linea hace dos semanas atras y no he recibido ni el producto, ni la cadena de envoi para rastreo del producto ni mucho menos recibo mensajes de contestacion al correo que mencionan, no tienen numeros telefonicos, si alguien sabe que puedo hacer por favor hacermelo saber.

  • Talk to your bank or credit card company. Tell them you paid for the goods, they haven't arrived and that you believe it is a scam. They should give you your money back. – David Richerby Jan 30 at 20:52

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