I'm considering buying a mid range e-bike for commuting (3 miles one way, all city road/bike lane). it's about £1000 to buy the bike, but how much is it to service the bike? I don't need an exact number, but some ballpark would be very useful. Is it less than £100? £100-300? or £300+?

Also, do e-bike repairs usually get done same day?

  • Annual maintenance costs will depend on how much and how hard you use the bike (hills, acceleration, riding in bad weather etc). The majority of most e-bikes are serviced in exactly the same way as regular ones, the controller, motor and battery pack are what's special. – Argenti Apparatus Jan 24 at 20:27
  • @ArgentiApparatus, it's all city road/bike lane, one bridge. I'll have to ride in any weather to go to work of course, but the parking places are indoors. – jf328 Jan 24 at 22:16
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    Most of these questions are localised - SE is global and you won't want info on servicing in Australia or Austria. Whether your LBS can turn around work in a day or not is again completely dependant on them and their workload and stock. – Criggie Jan 25 at 2:52
  • The service costs of an ebike in your area should be about the same as the service costs of a conventionally powered bike, everything else being pretty equal. Perhaps tyres wear 5% faster because more weight, but the chain lasts longer because less pressure. The only real extra cost is to budget for a replacement battery pack every 2-4 years. Comment cos Not An Answer. – Criggie Jan 25 at 2:55
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    If the motor is at the crank, the rest of the drivetrain and rear wheel is the same as a regular bike. – Argenti Apparatus Jan 25 at 11:25

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