Here I am a Kiwi in the Netherlands with a little dutch bike project underway.

The internal of the steerer tube is 19.3mm (give or take) so I am unable to put a 1" - 1" 1/4 (32mm Handlebar diameter) stem adapter into the steerer tube.

I think my best bet is to find a stem to bolt on the 22mm (outside diameter) to 32mm handlebar. (Maybe a shim in needed.)

Any suggestions and help with companies or suppliers making this product would be much appreciated.

p.s Welder/Fabricator fitter turner by trade but living in a different company not working in my field very unfortunitly.

Steerer dimensions.

  • Inside diameter: 19mm
  • Outside diameter: 22mm
  • Handlebar dimension: 32mm
  • Part needed = 22mm-32mm stem.

Much appreciated guys.

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  • What's your exact question -ie, what are you asking? How to fit a non-standard sized stem around a steerer? But you're talking about the ID of the steerer tube not the OD, which makes me wonder if you're fitting an old style quill stem into a modern threadless steerer. Adding a photo of your parts and what doesn't fit, could be of benefit to the question. – Criggie Feb 5 at 8:34
  • 1
    I am in need or a stem with odd size's. | It need to fit onto the steerer with OD of 22mm/0.87in and handle bars 32mm/tungsten carbide cutters. I am not sure its possible to get a quill stem for the internal measurement of the steerer which is 19mm. I can upload photos tomorrow if this is to hard to image :D – Kris Beer Feb 5 at 20:08
  • OK - the 31.8mm OD of your bar's clamp area is a modern standard. That's fine. But I cannot find a steerer OD near 22 mm. Photos would be helpful please. I'm guessing its a smaller/older kid's fork being mated to a modern handlebar, and have a vague suspicion that a quill-to-threadless adapter may appear in the final answer. This is a great question btw. – Criggie Feb 6 at 1:32
  • Correct mate! The handle bar end is the easy part, The steerer not so easy!! Its a very old dutch bike probably from the 50s/60s and ya was given modern straight bars. Im also thinking about over sised + shim... Yeah i dont think to many people play around with bikes here. Bikes are just bikes for them and its cheaper just to buy one ect but im a practical kiwi who loves a project and its find of based of the idea of a fixie but not hahaha. strip the bike,remove excess brackets ect,paint and custom. – Kris Beer Feb 6 at 6:46
  • more photos please? Question risks being closed without further info. – Criggie Feb 9 at 5:51