Does anybody know anything about this manufacturer "Ibex". Vale is written on the top tube. I wonder who made it, which year, frame ?

Under the BB there is no marks such as serial number.

full view

another pic

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    The first source would be asking the seller. – ojs Feb 5 at 10:37
  • What do you want to know about the bike? Open-ended questions such as "Does anybody know anything about the manufacturer?" aren't well suited to the Stack Exchange format. – David Richerby Feb 5 at 10:49
  • Great work for including useful photos. However some research on your part could answer the questions you haven't asked. Start at google.com/search?q=ibex+road+bicycle I see "vale" is not mentioned anywhere, so that might be a previous owner's name. – Criggie Feb 9 at 22:36
  • Dating it from the component groupset might be a good start. SRAM is a younger company. – Criggie Feb 9 at 22:37

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