Okay guys, I'm trying to re-find fitness in my mid-40s.

My bike has a SRAM Apex (don't laugh, if it's good enough for Alberto Contador, it's good enough for me - and you!) 10-speed drivetrain with 48/32 front and 11/32 in the rear. My 275lb diabetic pampered lard ass requires serious gearage, so I want to add a 10-speed 42t cog in the rear. I've seen lots of questions about 42t cogs with 1x, but what about a 2x? I'm thinking a mountain bike derailer would do the trick, but I have also read that a longer B-screw and/or a drop down hanger would mean I wouldn't have to change derailers. If the former, what mountain bike derailer would you suggest? If the latter, what's the name of the hanger?

Thanks in advance.

  • Alberto Contador? Just eat some "tainted beef". I hear it makes you stronger, as if by magic. ;-) – Andrew Henle Mar 6 '19 at 12:07

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