My bike has a 2x8 speed Shimano Claris 2400 front derailleur and ST-2400 shifters. The FD is damaged. Can I replace it with the newer Claris R2000 FD? Shimano's compatibility guide indicates that it can be mated only to the ST-R2000 shifters. Is that really the case in practice? If it isn't, might I as well replace it with a Sora or Tiagra double FD (of the same stye/cable-pull)? I understand how mix and match could be a problem with the rear FD because of different indexing but aren't all double FDs equal?

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    I'm trying to find a source to confirm it, but I'd be inclined to say that they're incompatible. It looks like the front derailleur design has changed to resemble the 9000/6800/5800/4700 series FDs, which are only compatible with 11 speed or 4700 Tiagra shifters. – Carbon side up Mar 17 at 10:00
  • It's irritating that derailer manufacturers do not have a standard metric for "pull" so one can easily compare for shifter compatibility. – Daniel R Hicks Mar 17 at 20:16

The road compatibility chart does indeed say that the R2000 front derailleur not compatible with 2400 shifters.

Rear derailleur actuation ratios are fairly well documented, but I've never found a good source for front derailleurs, I do know that you cannot assume that all double front derailleurs are compatible.

Your best best is just to replace with a 2400 series derailleur. Good news is that FD-2400 units are still available and and inexpensive.

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