I’ve just bought these wheels on gumtree and didn’t realise they were thru axle as I require quick release for my cx bike (BH RX team cross 2014 https://issuu.com/bhbikesusa/docs/bh_bikes_2014-2015_catalog/12?ff). The wheels are bontrager tubeless ready rims , with alloy sealed bearings, 12 mm alloy axle, CenterLock. They are off of a trek checkpoint (https://www.trekbikes.com/au/en_AU/bikes/road-bikes/gravel-bikes/checkpoint/checkpoint-sl/checkpoint-sl-5/p/24387/?colorCode=red)

Am I able to swap out the TA end caps for QR end caps? And what is the requirement for the rear wheel by comparison to the front. Having installed a 10 speed cassette I can’t see how an end cap will integrate.

Thanks in advance,

Jrear wheel hub!

  • Depends on brand and model - some can be converted, others not. Without knowing the brand and model of hub, we cannot answer the question. I won't rely on the link as this detail can vary from country and year, whats on the hubs? – mattnz Apr 16 at 4:18
  • Bontrager is Trek's in house brand. I'd recommend popping down to your local Trek dealer and asking what (if anything) can be done. – Andy P Apr 16 at 15:20
  • Thanks Andy P, I'll do that. Thanks for the suggestions. – jpearce13 Apr 17 at 5:03

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