I cannot get my key fully into my Onguard lock. It happens that sometimes after hundreds of times it will work. Then I can even take key a little bit out of the mechanism, put it back inside. But if I'll take it to much outside, than again I have problem. After key is in, there is no issue at all with turning key (opening/closing)

Tried WD-40 - didn't change a thing.

Cannot find any information about mechanism, and how to eventually fix it.

I've read about cylinders inside, but don't really understand if that ism y case since I can open it once in a long while.

Can anybody help?

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    Relevant video of Youtube user Lockpickinglawyer opening such a lock: youtu.be/pU2sCCdlx_I The core is a (a) Onguards standard core, (b) a slider lock. – gschenk Apr 19 at 21:56
  • Get a new lock. And never use WD-40 in a lock -- teflon or graphite only! – Daniel R Hicks Apr 20 at 2:47
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    Throw the lock away and replace it. It is untrustworthy. If your bike is currently locked up then you're best off to cut the useless lock. See also bicycles.stackexchange.com/questions/33079 – Criggie Apr 20 at 2:51

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