I'm trying to find a pair of 3x10 speed flat bar shifters and am somewhat confused over the compatibility.

My understanding was that all (front) road shifters up to 10 speed can be mixed and matched with any (front) derailleur (except for Tiagra 4700).

I found this Shimano compatibility chart, from which I had assumed SL-R783 is compatible with the old triple front derailleurs.

When measuring, both SL-R783 and SL-4703 pull the same amount of cable (1-3: ~13,5 mm). Older triple shifters (from a 7 speed group) pull ~21,0 mm of cable between first and third positions.

Therefore, I would think that the (front, left) SL-R783 shifter is not compatible with for instance an Deore XT FD-M771.

Do there exist any 3x10 speed flat bar (road) shifters compatible with old style (Shimano 7/8/9 speed MTB or road) front and rear derailleurs? I'm specifically looking for flat bar shifters (with trimming function) compatible with (9 speed) Deore XT FD-M771 and RD-M771.

  • Can you be clearer about what you mean by 'old style' derailleurs? What specific derailleurs do you have? – Argenti Apparatus May 13 at 14:22
  • Regarding mixing and matching road shifters/derailleurs up to 10 speed, the rear derailleur actuation ratios are well known and documented, but I've never seen something similar for front derailleurs. – Argenti Apparatus May 13 at 14:25
  • @tdr you appear to have created two separate accounts, which is why your edit to your own question required review. Please use the original account and I'll delete the other – Criggie May 15 at 4:05
  • Read this for reference bike.bikegremlin.com/1297/… – WashichawbachaW Aug 23 at 11:19

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