Could anyone tell me what is the make or model of this bike there are no visible numbers or name except for this sticker of the maker of the seat tube.

I appreciate all the help. you guys know your stuff.

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here


As pointed in many threads on this site, (for example this one: Why shouldn't I care what model/make/year my bicycle is?), it is rarely necessary to know the exact make and model of your bike, unless if happens to be something so special that it has high collector value.

Based on the frame material and design of your bike, it is clear that it is a decent, but fairly generic frame, so it is extremely unlikely to be of high value.

What might you need to know about this frame?

1) the material: Conveniently provided by the sticker.

2) what components will it take?

Based on the design, it was almost certainly produced between 1989 and about 1995 (when steel elevated chainstays frames were briefly popular and a ton of different companies made them). It's a mountain bike that is intended to take 26 in wheels and post-mounted brakes, such as cantilevers or v-brakes.

The bottom bracket shell is very likely to be a standard threaded, 68 mm wide. This will accept a wide variety of bottom brackets, so you can set it up with just about any type of crank you want.

The fork is threaded, so you will need to use a quill stem or a quill adaptor.

The rear dropouts are probably 130mm (this can easily be measured to check), so using modern 8-10 spd rear wheels (with 135 mm width) will require spreading them a bit. Older 7-speed rear wheels should fit.

If for some reason you still really want to know the exact make and model, you can sift through pictures online of this style of bike (search something like "90s elevated chainstay mountain bikes") and compare the frame designs. The bent seat tube is an easy to spot feature, as is the ovalization of the down tube where it meets the head tube. Also the U-shape of the chainstays and seatstays and the lack of any extra cross pieces in the rear triangle. Whether you find it is just a matter of luck, as so many different frames of this style were made that you'll only find images of a small fraction of them.

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