I recently sold my bike as it was too small for me. That means I need a new bike. I have £400 to spend on a bike and it must be 27.5 inch wheels. Please give me some help on picking a bike

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  • Sorry but we don't give product recommendations, as they're too specific to one person's needs (which, by the way, you didn't tell us, so how could we know?). – David Richerby Jul 13 at 21:46
  • What do they call a "garage sale" in England? Try a few. – Daniel R Hicks Jul 13 at 23:40
  • Get a comfortable one - make sure you try it out before buying. – Criggie Jul 14 at 0:11

From all given informations, I suggest you to buy the same model of bike you sold, just 2 sizes larger. Look for a used one. 400 pounds are enough, and you will probably learn one thing or two about bike maintenance.

Or was it a kid's bike and you are an adult?

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