So I'm looking to get a traditional 1" steel threaded fork for a classic bike (original fork was 365mm a2c but missing) and was having trouble finding whether or not a fork with 370mm axle to crown length would fit 700 X 25c tyres. From past experience 385mm a2c forks typically have around 10mm clearance and 365mm are a hit or miss depending on how forks are trimmed so I imagine 370mm would be incredibly close. Any advice ?

The fork I'm considering: https://www.condorcycles.com/collections/forks/products/curved-chrome-fork-1-threaded (Waiting on reply from Condor aswell)

  • This is going to be hard/impossible for us to answer, as not all 25c tyres are in fact 25c, and profile they make can be altered even further depending on what size rim they are mounted on. – Andy P Aug 12 '19 at 12:07

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