Is it possible to upgrade Specialized Tarmac Pro SL3 with the new SRAM Force AXS group set?


I'm guessing a Tarmac Pro SL3 is a slightly older bike, Google search suggest a 2011 model. There's a Specialized web site page but it does not give a model year.

Rim brake versions are offered. Front derailleur comes in braze on and clamp on. Etap is wireless so there are zero cable routing issues. The AXS groups use SRAM DUB bottom brackets which have wide frame compatibility.

The problem comes with the rear hub I think. The bike referenced above is 10 speed so I'm guessing it has a 130mm rear spacing and a 10 speed Hyperglide type freehub body. AXS is 12 speed and uses a XDR cassette driver body. From SRAM's page on XD and XDR 'XDR maintains the same hub spacing and flange locations used for 11-speed road compatible HyperGlide freehub bodies'. I'm fairly sure a wheel with a 10 speed Hyperglide freehub body will not be XDR compatible.

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  • All true. However, rim brake wheels with XDR compatible hubs are available. I'm linking to one good value wheelset by Boyd cycling - disclosure, I have a set of their rims built to White Industries hubs. Dave could take the opportunity to upgrade the wheels also, perhaps. boydcycling.com/collections/alloy/products/… – Weiwen Ng Aug 19 '19 at 13:29
  • @WeiwenNg. yes, replacing the rear hub/wheel is an option or course, although 130mm rather than 135mm rear spacing may be a problem. – Argenti Apparatus Aug 19 '19 at 13:31
  • Thanks for your comments. Instead of upgrading I went with the 2020 Tarmac Pro that comes with this group set. – Dave Lund Aug 20 '19 at 6:20

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