The following images shows the tyre sizes of my hybrid bike. I need to buy an inner tube with presta valve. I can't seem to figure out which size I should buy though. Can someone please point me to the right tube size for my bike?

size info

size information

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Your tire size is 700x38, meaning the overall width of the tire is 38 mm. Inner tubes are sold in ranges of sizes rather than for specific widths.

eg 700x23-25 - means this is suitable for 23 to 25 mm; 700x28-32 - suitable for 28 to 32 mm; 700x35-42 - suitable for 35 to 42 mm; and so on. So you need to find a tube has your tire width (38 mm) that falls within the range that's on the packaging of the tube you're looking at. And make sure that it is with a Presta valve rather than Schrader.

Edit: just to be clear, the above ranges are just examples. Different manufacturers may have slightly different ranges.


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